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Renovation Schedule 2023

Sunday Schedule

8:15am          Sunday School

9:30am          Sunday School | Sanders Hall Service

11:00am        Sunday School | Sanders Hall Service | Venue Service

Classes with 8:15am Sunday School will attend the 9:30am Sanders Hall Service

Wayne Smith | Pastor’s Class

Mike Young

Ron Lochamy

Oscar Hirby

Nina James


Doug Nielsen        

Anna Bearden       

Ray Bearden

Dorothea Wright

Janice Burton/Jeannie Telford         

Dot Hinson             

Classes with 9:30am Sunday School will attend either the 11:00am service in Sanders Hall or in The Venue

All Preschool Classes

All Elementary Classes

All Student Classes

Chad Walker


Matt Sullivan


Wes Heltz/Donna Lewis

Tommy Moseley

Jeff McFarland

Stuart Goudy

Bryan Hall / College

Mike Carver

Joel Schmidt/Matt Brooks


Jeff Stotts

Classes with 11:00am Sunday School will attend the Sanders Hall Service at 9:30am.


S. Martin/Cathcart/McClafferty

Wayne Martin

Owen Warford

Dwayne Summerhill


Tom Dillon

Gary Inman

Ronnie Barker

Dennis Redmon

If you have questions or are not sure which service to attend, please contact the church office, Curtis Barnes at [email protected], or Mary Shuler at [email protected].