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World Missions

Our mission is to partner with the global church to reach people of every tribe, tongue, and nation. In order to maximize the effectiveness of our short-term mission teams, we engage in partnerships with organizations who are committed to long-term evangelism and discipleship in the countries they are serving. For more information on our short-term mission trips, please visit our Short Term Trip page.


The International Mission Board is the global missions arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. We partner with the IMB through our giving to the Cooperative Program as well as through our annual missions offering. This partnership also provides information and opportunity for our congregation to be informed of the global need for the gospel so that we can be missional in our praying, giving, and going. 


MISSION TRIPS 2021: We are currently exploring opportunities to partner with the imb in southeast Asia and North Africa. Click HERE for the latest information on these opportunities.

International Mission Board


World Gospel Outreach is a ministry operating in Honduras and Belize that focuses on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, especially among the poor and orphans of these countries. We partner with WGO by sending teams to help with construction projects, medical missions, evangelism, and support of the local churches. 


Top prayer requests:

  • Pray for wisdom and discernment from the Lord for those making decisions regarding the future of WGO.
  • Pray for the Rancho Ebenezer Children's Home in Honduras to be fully funded.
  • Pray for continued impact and spiritual growth in the lives of the nationals, missionaries, and teams that serve with WGO.
  • Pray for wisdom as the WGO leadership seeks wisdom in how to continue their ministry in the face of an extreme reduction in ministry funding.

MISSION TRIPS 2021: Due to the impact of the pandemic on WGO's ministry, there will not be a short-term mission trip with WGO in 2021. Please check back in 2022 for opportunities to serve alongside this ministry.

World Gospel Outreach


The For All Mankind Movement is a ministry that operates in South Asia amongst the unreached of the countries in this part of the world. FAMM's strategy is to train indigenous leaders to lead story groups where the Bible is taught in a way that is highly effective in the oral cultures of these countries where high rates of illiteracy are common. In the area where we partner with FAMM, over 4,000 story groups have been started since 2016 with 66,000 in weekly attendance and over 8,000 baptized as new believers. FAMM's strategy also utilizes short-term mission teams in highly effective ways to act as catalysts for the launching of new story groups. 


Top prayer requests:

  • Pray for FAMM's indigenous team as they face persecution from radical Hindu and Muslim communities.
  • Pray for "good soil" as the FAMM team continues to sow the seed of the gospel every day.
  • Pray for the church planting effort, especially in the most persecuted states church planting has faced many difficulties. Pray that fear will not stop our team from planting the light of the Gospel which is the church.

MISSION TRIPS 2021: Nepal: July 23-31 (Compassion Kit Party Trip); India: November 4-13 (Church Planting Trip) and November 12-20 (Compassion Kit Party Trip), click HERE for more information.

FAMM Video
Special Message from Kevin Phillips, President of FAMM


Ryan Symens - one of our former staff members - will soon be serving among the unreached of Ayutthaya, Thailand with SIM. Ayutthaya consists of about 800,000 Thai Buddhists who have yet to hear the gospel. The city area also has about 100,000 Thai Muslims who have yet to be engaged. Ayutthaya is considered unreached and unengaged, meaning there are no teams currently working to give this people group an opportunity to hear the Good News. Please watch the video below to find out more about this unreached people. You can also check out Ryan's prayer card below to find out ways that you can remain up to date on his ministry.

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Missions Staff:

Adam Miller || Mission Mobilization Pastor || a[email protected]

Justin McDonald || Community Engagement Pastor || j[email protected]