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Small Groups and Sunday School

1. Sunday School.

These age/life stage based groups meet on Sundays at 8:15am and 11:00am to study the Bible and develop friendships with other believers. Classes offer regular fellowship opportunities and service projects to deepen relationships with other believers and care for one another in times of need.

2. Life Groups

These home based groups meet in homes 1-2 times/month at times that work best for group members. Meetings generally last a couple of hours and consist of a meal, discussion based Bible study on a topic selected by the group, and time for prayer and encouragement at a deeper level of transparency and accountability. Most, but not all, Life Groups are developed out of Sunday school classes to build on the relational connections built in that group.


3. D Groups

These groups of 3-5 men/women meet at least twice a month for personal accountability in areas of personal spiritual disciplines as well as personal spiritual obedience as followers of Christ. These are the most focused and intense groups for equipping believers to be disciples who make disciples. Most, but not all, D Groups are developed out of Sunday school classes or Life Groups to deepen the relational connections built in those groups.


When it comes to small groups, remember:

  • Individuals can participate in any of the groups without being part of the others.
  • Life Groups and D Groups are both seasonal (start/end dates) and cyclical (curricula driven), so there may be a short waiting period for connecting with those groups.


For more information on any of our small groups, contact Curtis Barnes ([email protected]) or Mary Shuler ([email protected]).