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Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

Geyer Springs exists to glorify God by making disciples who love God and love others.

Our Values

We Value Biblical Authority

God's Word is the ultimate authority of belief and behavior, and its truths will boldly guide our preaching, teaching, and decisions.

We Value Gospel Centrality

Believing the Gospel is for everyone, we will share its truth of redemption, reconciliation, and restoration through preaching, compassion and hospitality.

We Value Prayerful Dependence

Prayer aligns our hearts and minds to the voice and direction of God, and we humble ourselves before the Lord through intentional prayer.

We Value Transformational Discipleship

Spiritual growth is an intentional process, and every believer should be a true disciple and a disciple-maker of Jesus.

We Value Authentic Relationships

Relationships are at the center of our created purpose, and we hope to respond rightly to God through worshipful obedience and to others through genuine Christ-centered relationships.

We Value Kingdom Cooperation

Partnering with our like-minded agencies, non-profit organizations, churches, and individuals increases our opportunity to meet needs and extend the Gospel to people we would not otherwise be able to serve effectively.